Membership Benefits

Why Should I Become A Member of WNYREIA, Inc.?

As a member of WNYREIA, Inc. You take advantage of all the benefits that the organization has to offer. (see files below) including our free monthly meetings, resource manual and newsletter.  But the most important benefit is the opportunity to exchange ideas, information, experiences, support and motivation with WNYREIA, Inc.'s members, speakers and guests. Learn through other people's mistakes and successes.

WNYREIA, Inc. provides a monthly meeting, free to members, with a program featuring national or local speakers. The topics help reinforce or further an approach to real estate investing and motivate members to use that approach.
A workshop is featured at every meeting covering various topics. The workshops keep the membership informed about the latest developments and topics of interest to the real estate world.
Free hors d'oeuvres and beverages are served at the end of the general meeting. This is a time for informal interaction between members. Personal experiences and an abundance of other information is shared during this time. It is a time to discuss deals, solve problems, make friends and network.
WNYREIA, Inc.'s meeting notice is mailed monthly to WNYREIA members. Our monthly meeting notice informs members about the meetings and speaker topics. It also keeps the real estate investor informed of news, opportunities, problems and ideas as they become available.

Seminars: Several times each year, WNYREIA, Inc. offers educational seminars with discounts to members.
Free to new members, this manual contains a wealth of information on successfully acquiring and managing real estate including information on management, Fair Housing Laws, environmental issues, New York State landlord-tenant laws, maintenance tips, record keeping, the vendor's discount program and much, much more.
The Membership Resource Manual contains a list of vendors and contractors who offer discounts to WNYREIA, Inc. members. Members of WNYREIA, Inc. need to how their membership card to get discounts from these vendors and receive wholesale or contractor prices.

Freebies: Free handouts are periodically available during general meetings pertaining to the subject topic. These include a variety of forms used in investment property management.
Here are some of topics that are covered at our monthly meetings.

The Art Of Buying And Selling
How To Get Started
Borrow Money Successfully
How To Buy Foreclosures
Property Management
Rehabs & Renovations
Avoid Costly Mistakes
Tax-Deferred Exchanges
How & When To Refinance
Creative Financing
How To Negotiate
Loan Packaging
Government Loans
Buy & Sell At Auctions
Reducing Property Taxes
Paper Buying & Selling
Goals For Investors
Tenant Screening
Success Stories
Asset Protection
Panels Of Experts
Beginner’S First Deals
Local Legislative Issues
Property Insurance
Tax Auctions
Government grants